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Transfer Booking Engine

To grow as a travel company, one needs to attract consumers. As technology has become more savvy, travellers expect all their travel needs to be sourced from one destination. Goranga Tech understands this requirement and has developed a one stop destination for suppliers through a booking engine. Our transfer booking software caters to booking flights, hotels, tours and even insurance packages. Through user-friendly transfer details like city of departure, date, destination, return date and type of travel, you can ease out the travel itineraries of your travellers.

Booking Benefits

From XML suppliers to your internal business units, our transfer booking software works for travel agents and operators alike. We allow you to manager your own XML integration as well connect with third party gateways. If you wish to track your transfer services on the global mark-up then we provide tools that can be easily installed on your engine. Helping you provide in-depth understanding of the existing travel market and your corresponding relation, we are the preferred software solutions provider in the travel industry.

Workings of A Profitable Business

Our transfer booking engine works in a very simple way. Our booking API for transfer can be installed on your home page in a single click. As your suppliers enter their travel details, our software links with GDS to show case the best possible transfer results. You can customise our XML integration based on your convenience. For example, a particular class of supplier can be eligible for discounts on certain travel activations as soon as he logs on to your transfer booking engine. This ensures ease of comfort as our software provides direct linking to services with respect to the type of transfer supplier without your manual intervention.

Customised Features

There are various customised services offered by our transfer booking engine. You can enable multiple search options to allow more than one booking to happen. These can be further detailed down to the number of trips, pitstops and even connecting stops. While such features may seem detailed, they actually help consumers become less stressful in laying out their entire travel itinerary. Your transfer suppliers can in this way develop trust value into you as a travel brand that cares and walks the extra mile for ensuring convenience.

Manage Your Travel Diaries

Handling travel itineraries never seemed this simple! Right from direct booking to reserving and finding vacancies, our transfer XML integration manages your business without hassles. You can even receive well researched analytics on every transfer whenever any consumer logs on to travel booking engine. This allows you to understand the nature of your travel website visitor and chalk out customised plans the next time he visits your brand online.

Grow Lucratively

Our direct booking engine is also helpful to enable instant transfer gateway in easy steps. This payment gateway is safe and secured and integrates major transactional affiliations catering domestically and internationally. As our customer, you can not only ease out consumer's needs but also benefit in a lucrative fashion. To know more about our global transfer services, you can check out various web pages on this website or contact us anytime. We are available at business hours to cater to your queries and help you find the perfect booking engine for your transfer needs.