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Understanding of consumer requirements is imperative to achieving success for your travel booking company. People are savvier technically than their predecessors, so are their expectations from an online travel company. They trust the hired travel booking partner will cater to their travel itineraries, down to the minute detail.

Goranga Tech has a clear understanding of their customer requirements and designed a one-stop solution, both for the service providers and service takers. It is a simple and easy-to-access travel booking engine connecting travel agents, sub-agents, and customers on a single platform. The software is specifically designed to help travel brands maximize their online bookings while minimizing their administrative costs. It takes care of the overall bookings right from getting flight tickets, making hotel reservations to renting car for local sightseeing, all from the single platform.

Travel Booking Software Features

Our travel agent booking software is a bundle of features designed specifically to offer customized booking services to your customers, on their requests. There are more than one reasons to support your software purchase decision –

  1. 1. Responsive and easy-to-access booking engine
  2. 2. Easy-to-integrate with your existing website
  3. 3. Manage multiple vendors at a time
  4. 4. Help with inventory management
  5. 5. Facilitate currency exchanges
  6. 6. Enable multiple search options
  7. 7. Easy-to-compare flight/hotel room rates
  8. 8. Permit more than one booking
  9. 9. Auto cancellation of unconfirmed bookings
  10. 10. Add more details of travel itinerary -
    1. a. Number of trips
    2. b. Number of pit stops
    3. c. Number of connecting stops
    4. d. Start and return date
    5. e. Pick-up and drop-off points
    6. f. Mode of transfer
  11. 11. XML integrated third-party gateways
  12. 12. Tools to track travel services

Travel Agent Booking System Benefits

Our travel booking software offers a comprehensive platform connecting travel agents, hotels, customers and other vendors in a single network. You can manage your own XML integration and easily connect with third-party gateways, straight from your website.

There are myriad benefits to be enjoyed, such as -

  • Manage your own XML integration
  • Easily connect with third-party gateways
  • Handle customer’s travel itineraries effortlessly
  • Track travel services on the global mark-up
  • Gather smart insights about visitors and customers
  • Design customized travel plans using software analytics
  • Offer lucrative travel and other booking offers
  • Cut-down extra cost and workload
  • Day and night, round the clock service

We are the preferred software solutions provider in the travel industry to help you with an in-depth understanding of the existing travel market and your corresponding relation.

Working of a Profitable Business

Our booking engine offers a user-friendly interface and the booking API for travel brands and travellers alike. The software is easily installed on your home page in a single click. No sooner the vendors enter their details, the software links with GDS to display the best possible flight/hotel room rates on the screen for the customers to compare and book.

You can customize our XML integration based on your convenience.

Direct booking engine integrated with a safe and secured payment gateway offer instant fund transfer or money refund in easy steps. Such transactional affiliations cater to both domestic and international customers respectively.

As our trusted client, you can benefit highly by catering to customer needs instantly. It will help you to grow your business lucratively.

To know more about our global transfer services, you can check out various web pages on this website or contact us anytime. We are available at business hours to cater to your queries and help you find the perfect booking engine for your transfer needs.