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Online Travel Solution

Goranga Tech provides world class online solutions for travel operators and agencies. With clients from major cities like UK, USA, UAE and India, we are currently the #1 travel technology company in United Kingdom, India, Canada, USA and world's most visited countries. We provide B2B and B2C technology that cater to travel suppliers without any hassles. Having launched our all-in-one integrated My Hub software for the masses, we walked the extra mile for ensuring efficiency and lucrative opportunities.

Easy to Install, Easier to Integrate

DMC+ software is a unified API interface that connects GDS, CRS and OTAs. Being an all-in-one installation API, travel operators and agencies don't need to have a sound knowledge of the technology. In a single click, you can activate the desired features and enjoy online services of My Hub instantly. There are a variety of travel benefits which your company can avail through our technology like:

  • Platform independent travel engine
  • Expense claim listing
  • Analytical report documentation
  • Process oriented operations
  • Daily travel lead monitoring
  • Comprehensive online inventory aggregation

Engage, Earn, Elevate, Repeat.

Our technology solutions builds online applications from scratch. Through our APIs, we give you complete ownership of the IP. You can customise our software as per the KPIs of your travel company. As technology keeps changing with times, we develop unique solutions that caters end-to-end needs of your travel ecosystem. These updates are in tandem with latest trends and aimed to deliver profit for your every transaction. What makes DMC+ unique is the fact that it is a travel solutions provider like no other! Right from its corporate self booking engine and API management to personalised travel operator and agency feature, there is uniqueness in every feature. Our detailed analytics can be viewed and downloaded at your leisure. It includes a comprehensive data check on your website visitors and statistics that provide a fair idea of their nature. This can be useful for you to provide customised travel solutions the next time they visit your company online. DMC+ state-of-the-art suite of latest products is well received across European countries like United Kingdom and Asian countries like India and China. Being able to translate your website for various languages has made Goranga Tech the leading travel technology company in the globe.

Smells Like Team Spirit

We are promoted and marketed by a highly skilled team of professionals. These technocrats have a sound knowledge of the rising changes in travel industry and use their entrepreneurial expertise to the fullest potential. Our customer support is available at your service whenever you need them. You can reach out to us through My Hub's internal feedback form or reach out to our travel technology company directly. We promise to work in the shortest SLA online timeframe and give you the best technology solutions that you hoped for. Serving institutions in tourism industry like travel operators and agencies, we aim to be the best integrated software in the market. Giving you a leverage with our zero-defect APIs and quality customer service, there is proven uptime and growth for travel companies that utilise our technology.