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B2B & B2C Travel Portal Development

Goranga Tech is a premium IT solutions provider that adds a digital dimension to your travel company. Empowering travel operators and agencies, we offer a range of scalable services that uplifts your portal instantly. Currently our efficient travel product is independent of online platforms and is regarded revolutionary in the portal development field. Providing world class facilities that are designed to bring a steady source of sales, we are popular amid travel companies across London, Tokyo, Mumbai, Paris and various tourist frequented cities. Our portal development provides unmatched quality that is proven to provide results that work for the benefit of your B2C travel portal company.

B2B Travel Portal Development

As our booking development engine is reasonable when compared to travel software by competitors, we do not burn a hole in your pocket. Our cloud based interface allows you to store, edit, add and remove transactions of your consumers whenever you want. This can be done at your comfort thereby eliminating the need to have a permanent B2B workstation. Our detailed analytical reporting is the reason why Flying Bird, an in-house B2B travel portal development remains a stand out. it allows you to track every portal visitor and feeds information into a database which audits his / her nature of visit, age, country location for your usage. This can help you to customise travel plans for that customer and also in retargeting ads for that particular audience.

Your #1 B2C Travel Portal Development Company

Goranga Tech allows you to integrate various APIs with just a single click. It is fully compatible with various enterprise resource planning suites to ensure the smooth functioning of your travel business. To ensure customer satisfaction, we walk the extra mile by providing easy-to-navigate UI and easy payment gateways. As the administrator of your travel portal, you have complete control over the interface.

This includes adding transactions, viewing sales lead, tracking nature of a particular package's popularity and even customising travel deals as per individual customer. Allowing B2C model owners to collaborate with their clients, we have added the live customer support plug-in. As you take the effort of reaching out to your B2C leads, it only speaks volumes of your commitment to providing satisfaction. Further to this advantage, your travel agent company also establishes a sense of trust into the customer's mindsets.

More Benefits, More Sales

Our every design at Goranga Tech is designed with the sole aim of increasing revenues. Flying Bird software caters to a wide network of travel agents and operators with its popular B2C portal. As the technology used to develop the software remains unmatched and scalable, your daily activations only lead to cost-effective solutions. There is zero defect in our software product and making you online ensures that your company stands through the test of competitive times.

Also helping you to provide something unique, our portal is developed in such a way that it is scalable and efficient in nature. Optimising them on a regular basis, your travel company can remain updated with the latest trends with just a single click of a button. Goranga Tech is not just the top travel portal development provider but also the best assistant in taking your business online and leaving a steady mark in the travel and hospitality industry.