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GDS Integration Just A Tap Away

From airplane seat and hotel room to bus rental and any other reservation system, Goranga Tech provides easy Global Distribution System integration for your travel business. Being an inventory from suppliers across the globe, you can select from all major Global Distribution System facilitators like Worldspan, Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre, Mercator, Low Cost Carriers (LCC's) and rental providers on land and get it implemented on a single interface.

We also provide an comprehensive entryway of combining more than one GDS integration for your travel portal. Your travel business is bound to benefit particularly in the hotel and car rental sector during last minute inventory disposal. This is because there is a low margin of deduction when compared to airline booing through Global Distribution System.

A Database Link-Up

The working a GDS Travel System is very simple. Whenever you as a travel agency request for a booking, our GDS assisted software will route the message to the airline carrier's computer reservation system through which you can reserve seats as per the availability. Our software via Global Distribution System API links to the database of travel suppliers and allows agents like you an unfiltered access about booking information.

The best part of our travel agency software is that you can analyse and process all the incoming multi-sourced data on a singular dashboard. The benefits of going for our software include scalable productivity, enhanced buying experience and real time access to inventory. Also there are other features like exponential point of sale, market insights, distribution & selling through more channel mediums. These benefits through our software allow your travel business to minimise the operating cost and increase efficiency overall.

Get More for Your Company

One of the best parts of going in for such system API integration is that GDS assisted software offers best deals and commissions in travel industry. As this gives you a fair share of the market value, there is a direct increase in your business growth and sales. Also there is customer retention maintained as they look forward to using your travel agency portal considering you provide them amazing packages at reduced / discounted deals.

Be it United Kingdom in Europe or India in Asia, travel agencies prefer GDS integration because it holds a dominant position in the market. Even though airlines and other travel mediums do provide direct access to booking, there is not much transparency in providing the best deals. The transactions conducted are 100 percent safe and since they are performed on your travel portal- gives an in-depth analysis on the consumer's nature. This can help you to target that particular customer in a customised fashion the next time he or she visits your website.

Install Without Any Worry

Our travel agency software comes with a detailed instructional manual and workflows that help you understand in API integration for the system. This reduces stress and explains things easily. With step-by-step guide provided, you don't require any GDS experience to install one yourself. If you still require assistance then our highly skilled team of travel agency experts are available to ensure the smooth functioning of the API integration.