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Cruise Booking Software for Travel Industry

A company always needs a good starting point and the rising traffic in cruise industry has resulted in a dire need of having a well equipped reservation software. Being next-gen in design and scalable in development, Goranga Tech is one such booking development provider for cruise management. You can synchronise bookings, compare prices among other travel operators and agencies and even list real time online rates in a single click. Sailing the booming wave in travel and cruise reservation, our company is currently the top Travel software company in not just London but also United Kingdom and other tourist-favourite countries.

From Website to Shining Sea

We provide tourism products that take care of your every need. Our My Hub reservation software drives sales, marketing and operation in cruise management. Maximising efficiency is because of our software's salient features such as follows:

  • Dynamic packaging
  • Custom facility pricing
  • Customer voyage service
  • Cabin inventory support
  • Tailored onboard trips
  • Credit agency support
  • Customised refund activation
  • Payment combination facility
  • Spending history download
  • Simple and efficient reservation accounting
  • Online currency exchange
  • Cabin and car deck allotment
  • Electronic payment
  • Insurance addition / removal
  • Complete CRM control

Anchoring Yield-Making Facility

Goranga Tech's in-house My Hub software is a fully integrated cruise booking software. You can open and close milestone feature, target limit promotion and list pricing based on relevant tour supplier. Our extensive CRM functionality allows nesting, selling limits and rule-based optimised cabin management. Based on distribution, My Hub software can document reservation reports based on your pre-defined seaware architecture. Adding a proper inventory management to this online integration, our travel company is instrumental in making your cruise management efficient and generate revenues on a regular basis.

Cruising the Comprehensive Technology

Apart from checking online cruise availability, you can audit inventories for cabin and car decks and activate user-friendly booking engine. As you make the most of My Hub software customised for your cruise operations, you will find revenues sky-rocketing automatically. Redefining your travel business, we develop and maintain an online ecosystem that is made in accordance with contemporary design and cutting-edge technology. To become a cruise management captain, try our wide range of website development services so as to establish a digital presence and become one of the leading company in travel and hospitality across the world.