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Payments Gateway Integration Service

Safe & Secured

For any online website to generate sales, a payment gateway is required. Authorizing your credit card or direct payment, a safe and secured merchant service develops trust and sales. Simplifying your efforts for finding the right tools, we provide every possible payment options that compliment your social marketing website's needs. Currently Goranga Tech is the #1 provider of safe online payment gateways in the world.

Plenty of Transaction Options

We provide integration services with national and international banks for payment but also have gateways with specialised applications. The encryption followed is a secure socket layer (SSL) allowing you to complete your transaction without any security breach. We also have various optimized tools that allow you to automatically screen transactions of your payment gateway without additional services. Apart from the automation, geolocation and black-list lookups can also be availed through our payment gateway.

Best Services, Best Prices

We offer a variety of services for Payment Gateway Integration that is reasonably priced. Customising currency processing to geographic location can be easily done with the click of a button. If you prefer CCAvenue checkout, it can be installed with our cost-effective API instantly. Apart from these very services, we have walked the extra mile by researching on the features that can be developed to make your payment gateway more user-friendly. These include routing on a dynamic basis that allows you to switch to the relevant transaction if your customer pleases. There are also smart and innovative solutions integrated through our timely upgrade versions that incorporate marketing tools to benefit your online payment gateway.

Goranga Tech: A Name You Can Trust

Being working with clients from United Kingdom, India, Spain and other tourist frequented countries has given us detailed insights about how the online payment gateway works. Providing products that are more like experiences, we are all for quality rather than limiting just to quantity, For this very reason, we as a IT technology solution provider has remained at the top across various countries in the world. Promising to enhance your social media marketing presence through efforts like optimized payment gateway, we are the best bet in establishing your website successfully!