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Car Booking Software

Whether you wish to go for a weekend getaway or take a long drive for days, car rentals are inevitable. Tourists often have problems in placing the right car booking and travel companies like yours can become a lifeline to them easily. All you need to do is install a comprehensive travel reservation software for car rental and receive sky-rocketing sales in no time!

User Benefits, Your Company Benefits

Nowadays who doesn't need a comfortable drive? Door-to-door service, comfortable rental and hassle-free payment options are just some of the many benefits that a user can avail through our car rental software. Our software is technologically so sound that it provides vehicle management at one's fingertips. As a travel operator or travel agency, you can keep a track of your car rentals like their registration number, availability and insurance validity. Being neatly synchronised on a timeline, you can download the relevant car booking details with a single click. You can also audit their customer satisfaction and decide in keeping or removing that particular car driver!

Easy Car Location Detector

Goranga Tech's car booking software has a compatible car locator feature that can be accessed through platforms like desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet and mobile device. Keeping you updated with every car's location, the software updates you with information in real time. This casts a whole new safety net helping you to ensure that all your car rental customers are secure at all times. Keeping visibility transparent, you can even send a car rental's information if someone requires it. This kind of business intelligence makes My Hub the top car rental reservation software in major tourist-heavy countries like United Kingdom, India, Spain, Portugal, Italy, China, Singapore, Australia, USA, Canada, France and Brazil.

Trendsetter in Car Booking Management

Our step-by-step guide helps your customers to easily book your car rental without any hassle. They can track the list of available cars, zero down the best deal with associated costing, select the date and timing of booking and place the order in minutes. You can even activate features for multiple / group car rental in a single session. The billing will be auto-generated and listed with fare and tax additions without any additional requirement of performing calculations. Saving time and energy, our car reservation is the best software that your travel company could possibly ever ask for!

Technological Solution to Drive Your Growth

As we turn your static website into a dynamic one, the time spent by any visitor is enriching. Streamlining the booking experience with our next-gen dashboard, the functions are simple to use and access. Apart from managing the day-to-day activations, our transfer booking engine also provides detailed insights and ideas to amplify your travel business and take it to a whole new level! Try our car reservation system to power up your growth today.