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Goranga Tech understood the different requirements of its customers and successfully developed a one-stop solution for suppliers – a comprehensive and easy-to-access booking engine. This transfer booking system allow transfer agents and their sub-agents to rent vehicles for transfer of their passengers to their respective destinations.

User-friendly transfer details such as city of departure, date, destination, return date and type of travel help sort out customer travel itineraries as well as provide them with options to choose either shared or private transfers and vehicle types. The same software will help your business manage and increase profit margins from transfers.

Transfer Booking Software Features

Our transfer booking engine brings an array of features to offer customized transfer services on your request. You can benefit from our software in more ways than one –

  • Responsive and easy-to-access booking engine
  • Easy-to-install booking API for transfer
  • Manage multiple suppliers at a time
  • Enable multiple search options
  • Permit more than one booking
  • Add more details of travel itinerary -
  • Number of trips
  • Number of pit stops
  • Number of connecting stops
  • Start and return date
  • Pick-up and drop-off points
  • Mode of transfer
  • XML integrated third-party gateways
  • Tools to track transfer services

Transfer Booking Engine Benefits

Our transfer booking software works for both the travel agents and operators, right from XML suppliers to your internal business units. This software allows you to easily manage your own XML integration and connect with third-party gateways such as online payment gateways.

There are myriad benefits to be enjoyed, such as –

  • Manage your own XML integration
  • Easily connect with third-party gateways
  • Handle customer’s travel itineraries effortlessly
  • Track transfer services on the global mark-up
  • Gather smart insights about visitors and customers
  • Design customized travel plans using software analytics
  • Cut-down extra cost and workload
  • Day and night, round the clock service

We are the preferred software solutions provider in the travel industry to help you with an in-depth understanding of the existing travel market and your corresponding relation.

Working of a Profitable Business

Our transfer booking engine is a simple and user-friendly interface and the booking API for transfer is easily installed on your home page in a single click. No sooner the suppliers enter their transfer details, the software links with GDS to display the best possible transfer results on the screen. Customize our XML integration based on your convenience.

For example –

A certain class of supplier is eligible for discounts on specified travel activations the moment he logs on to the transfer booking engine. The software directly link to services with respect to the type of transfer supplier, in the absence of manual intervention.

Direct booking engine integrated with a safe and secure payment gateway offers instant transfer in easy steps. Integrated with major transactional affiliations cater to both domestic and international customers respectively. As our trusted client, you stand to benefit by addressing customer needs instantly, using our transfer booking engine and grow your business lucratively alongside.

To know more about our global transfer services, you can check out various web pages on this website or contact us anytime. We are available at business hours to cater to your queries and help you find the perfect booking engine for your transfer needs.