Travel Consolidators Integration Solutions

As a tour operator or travel agency, you may often face problems that are beyond the scope of your potential. These larger than life challenges create blockades and lead to the derailment in your steady growth of income.

Data Information:

As travel business is growing at a rapid pace, there are new inventions and technologies almost every single day. Keeping abreast with the latest trends become difficult as a dedicated task force is required to be not only knowledgeable but also technically adept for incorporating consolidators in your travel interface.


Where there are suppliers, there are complications. With reservation engine, CRS and travel executions happening every single minute, auditing inflow and outflow look cumbersome. Though you may have a team scheduled to do the travel consolidator integration manually the volume of work releases human errors which are beyond rectification in many situations.


Consolidator API integrations with different travel providers naturally give rise to additional costing. Add to that are the constant competition by fellow contenders from the market. Due to this problem, maintaining your interface, analyze website traffic, customizing plans accordingly and building technology that remains updated constantly is very difficult.

Content Problems Meet Interface Solution

Our travel consolidator is one such interface which combines integrations with ease. It is ready-to-implement, scalable and deployable within no time. It guarantees to up your performance level and streamlines all your API integration related to your travel company.

Transaction Status:

Tracking becomes simplified as every transaction is automatically audited and analyzed based on various factors like performance, correlation with the brand's growth, target audience, country background like the United Kingdom, India, USA, etc. and reliability.


Making every analysis streamlined through your consolidator API, our integration reduces your business stress and opens doors for more API integrations with potential suppliers and travel providers. Be it Global Distribution Systems, wholesalers or LCC providers and OTAs, there are tons of opportunities for you to exploit for the benefit of your travel company.

Addition & Subtraction of Features:

Integration for such APIs become so simple that you can install them within seconds by merely a click of a button. There are also options available for your consolidator API to be removed from the interface based on your analysis and feasibility.


Goranga Tech has an in-house software called as My Hub which does every possible API integration for your business. Designed for travel operators and agencies, our product one-of-a-kind and incorporates updates that are trending in the market on a regular basis. What makes travel consolidator API integration so unique is the fact that My Hub caches result for clients to respond faster and minimize their time spent on purchasing. This directly helps in customer satisfaction and gaining their trust to ultimately cache is not just quick response time but also lucrative values.