Best In Class Software

Travel diaries is so 2016. We at Goranga Tech are all set to introduce an online travel agency software like never before! Be it airplane, bus, car, transfer, hotel, sightseeing, admin, B2C or B2B module, our agency diaries are here to bring a revolution in travel software industry. We allow users to book their travel services while they are online. A comprehensive software, our software sets you up and running within no time.

What makes us so powerful is the fact that we walk the extra mile and also provide cross-cultural services suitable for B2B2C or simply B2C ventures. Catering booking system for companies world over, we are the top online travel agency software in United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, Asia and America! Being a IT based expert service provider, our innovative solutions are not only technologically driven but also lucrative for your travel company.

Expanding Opportunities The Online Way

Being a specialist in travel software, Goranga Tech develops state-of-the-art products for travel agencies. Suitable for every need, we ensure that your business gets simplified with our range of efficient software solutions. As a travel agency, we help you establish OTA without GDS or API. Our booking system for your travel agency is designed to ensure responsiveness across all major platforms such as desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet and mobile phone.

We also have an option for you to choose the payment gateway along with an administrator dashboard which can be customisable! With such features, we prove why we remain the top travel agent software in London and across major cities globally. We have opened doors to multiple opportunities that ensure your travel agency gets more leads and potential conversions.

A to Z Features for Your Agency

Right from online booking system and financial management to accommodation, report creation and customer support online, there are tons of options for your travel agency to choose from. When it comes to booking, we allow functions to enhance your travel deals, define commercial values and lots more if you desire. Our money management tool keeps track of invoices, balance, payment history and even exchange rate check. Moving on to reports, we not only provide beneficial and loss data but also provide service usage for your analysis. Finally coming to document creation, we allow customisation as per languages, brand and even layouts!

As we have worked with top notch agencies in travel and hospitality, we share valuable insights and implement them while creating exclusive products for you. It is worth noting that each software product is technologically advanced and remains customised as per your business requirements.

Building Trust. Building Your Agency.

We take customer relationship with utmost sincerity and due to this reason we have been successful in developing strong B2B bonds. This also extends for our travel agencies who wish to build a strong online relationship with their clients and consumers. Ensuring the best deals, easy monitoring and easy to use functionalities, our software works wonders for travel agencies. This also helps in maintaining a loyal base and continuing the progressive bar for our clients. As we take pride in being the best software for every travel agent, our fan base has been increasing at a very fast pace.

My Hub which is our very own software for travel agency allows you operate your daily activations along with tracking consumer leads. We also provide an in-depth analysis for you to track your customer's habits. So right from when he or she visits the travel agency portal to closing the website, our online management system tracks the session and provides a detailed report for your analysis and future reference!

Assured Quality of Travel Service

We fulfil all the expectations required by every travel agency in their respective software. Our esteemed panel of experts have decades of experience in the IT and travel sector and work tirelessly before launching any product in the market. Care is also taken for testing the software only to ensure that there is zero defect in our services! To enjoy our booking system, reach out to us for giving a lucrative push to your travel agency today.