Man & Van Software for VEHICLE INDUSTRY

For a man with a van this is a typical point to point goods transportation online booking application. It will suit all van transport operators that aim to quickly provide a competitive price to individuals online. Once a user selects an origin and destination point from a list of available locations, the number of potential steps, dates and times for pick-up and drop off of goods, a live price quote is automatically generated based on the rates that you have fixed in the back office section. Once a quotation is accepted and a future job is booked, the Man and Van software is capable of charging the clients card and will allocate a vehicle and an available driver to each incoming request automatically or manually, thus generating a stream of future goods transportation bookings.


The system facilitates management of



c.Sales and

d.Accounting processes.

In Operational process the system allows to record and manage the desired services, even the smallest details about the service can recorded and viewed like Pick up time, drop time , flight number or any other special request from the client.

In procurement process the details related to each supplier with different payment details and deadlines can be recorded which will save from the hassle of missing the payment deadline.

Data related to sales and Invoices are readily available for the sales persons.

All the accounting report readily available in the system, various currency options available, bank reconciliation available, Individual profits , monthly profits readily available in the system.

Management can view agent wise/ customer wise outstanding reports.

Agent wise profit margin report readily available.

The system also provides access control to the user as per their role and the management can change the access control for all the employees depending on the work area, which gives a sense of security to each employee and the management.

Provides integration with online bookings as well.

Provides Employee Directory