Online Travel Booking Engine for B2C

Good design showcases expression and when you have a medium to leave a digital footprint then you leave an impression. Realising this thought only too well, Goranga Tech is a one-of-a-kind company that takes design and coding places. Providing an online outlet for other travel companies to grow, we build booking systems that are not just technologically sound but also creative as a whole. Our fully integrated in-house My Hub software not only helps in online reservation but also efficiently provides results for the betterment of your travel company.

A Salient Start to Stand Apart

Your travel booking engine can keep working without any human intervention as our integration is completely automated. This eliminates the need for you to be online and be available on the website. This saves your time and encourages you to concentrate on other business aspects while My Hub does all your work. When it comes to its features, this web based reservation system allows cross-cultural integration with GDS, CRM and OTAs connecting your company with various travel suppliers from around the world. One of the major USP is that since our software is efficiently designed, as administrator you have a lot of advantages which are as follows:

• Distribute and manage sales leads

• Change language preference as per customer's comfort

• Streamline banners and offers based on country

• Provide permission level to your travel agents

• Automatic conversion of travel booking rates

• Complete control over your online inventory

Multiple Services, One Travel Booking Website

My Hub is your go to for establishing your travel presence online. As a travel operator, you can access the booking engine through any online platform like desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet and mobile phone. There is a dedicated CMS system reserved for you website section like flight, hotel, car, bus, cruise and even rail. Our travel sales board consolidates every single transaction made on your booking engine and provides in-depth analysis for your benefit. As you download them, you can also request for an understanding from our team. Being a bespoke reservation system provider, we ensure that your time when online remains a fruitful one and help you to connect better with your travel clients.

A Lucrative Spectrum

Going online is currently the best thing to do for any travel agency. Being online eliminates the need to be physically present and by passes the geographic constraints completely. As our booking engine integration is forever running, your travel software company is always at your customer's service. This builds a sense of ease in their minds as they can visit your online travel company within the comfort of their personal space. With the rise of social media, there is a constant requirement of establishing your brand in every networking platform. For this very reason, My Hub now allows you to share your packages on any of the social websites.

A Desired Skill Set Met

Currently Goranga Tech has a large team of technically sound professionals. In order to ensure that your web based travel reservation system attracts the gen-next clients, we also have an entire network of designers who work closely with our technocrats. Together as a team they are responsible to remain abreast with the latest changes in travel and hospitality to ensure that your booking engine remains up-to-date with trends. You can reach out to them whenever you want as they are available at your service 24x7. All in all, Goranga Tech is the #1 travel booking engine that provides integration of every possible API and with its service helps you to succeed in the competitive environment. Designing, developing and framing a well established framework for your company, we are the leading provider of enhanced booking software that works like no other in the travel industry!