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Goranga Tech is a ground-breaking & Creativity driven company offering complete array of services in web-based enterprise solutions, Web Designing and Web Development right from designing a Static Website to Developing CMS, E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Portal Development, Content Development, Mobile Apps Development.

We have quality programmers & UX Experts who work closely with customers so that customer will get top notch product in each enagagement. We are very much flexible in doing custom as well as ready made solutions in era of today's mobility world.

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Every company is different. For this very reason, their corresponding website also needs to highlight the uniqueness and remain different. Designing website

Good design means good business! If a picture speaks more than a thousand words then our visual craft will create never-ending conversations about your website.

For any online website to generate sales, a payment gateway is required. Authorizing your credit card or direct payment, a safe and secured merchant service develops

Research and development are the main pillars for any mobile app to be successful. Realizing this fact very well, Goranga Tech develops application that not only works

For any company to survive in this generation, one needs to have a ecommerce website. As remaining sustainable is crucial, what matters is the awareness

Creativity starts from the concept. If your brand has a logo, it has an identity. Reflecting your agency, a good graphic design can speak volumes about your

Goranga Tech is the a leading specialist in Search Engine Optimization that establishes your brand online. Through our constant efforts, we provide comprehensive results

The world is becoming a smaller place thanks to the rising network of social media. As industries are jumping into the competitive bandwagon.

It is well understood that generating website traffic helps to generate sales and organic sources of social media marketing doesn't do much. Pay-per-click (PPC)

Why choose us ?

GorangaTech is ‘one-stop-shop’ web design & Trvel Software agency providing everything you need to successfully market your business to customers.
Our services include planning and strategy, website design and development, building web applications and custom programming, company branding and graphic design, and a range of other complimentary digital marketing services.